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Rendering Error

When I first shared this photo with a friend, he remarked that the striations made it look like there were errors in rendering the file. The name stuck.

Of all of my sunset photos in the badlands, I think this had the most manageable color and the most interesting perspective. I like that the sense of scale is destroyed by having no foreground objects, background objects, or sky for scale. It nicely offsets the balance generated by the horizontal structure.

This is a 7-photo panorama. The individual frames are in landscape orientation in a single row. I followed my general procedure for working with panoramas:

  1. Preliminary processing: white balance, lens distortion, camera profile
  2. Export to Autopano for stitching: alignment and horizon correction
  3. Render in Autopano: highest-order interpolation, no cropping, no compression
  4. Re-import to Lightroom for final edits: global and local contrast, sharpening, crop, etc.
  5. Upload to Smugmug
Russell J. Hewett
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